Find out the benefits and types of popular posters today

Currently, in all communication campaigns, posters play a very important part in bringing brand images to customers. In addition, not everyone can create a beautiful and sophisticated advertising poster that conveys the message of the brand. So do you understand what a Poster is? And to create a beautiful advertising poster, what tips do we need to follow to complete it excellently?

1. What is a poster?

The poster is a type of publication specially designed to convey information and images of certain products and services through visuals.

Normally, posters will be placed in places with high traffic and easy to see such as supermarkets, bus stations, cinemas, schools, etc. to attract people’s attention.

2. What are the benefits of Posters?

The poster is an effective tool to reach viewers and customers. When the Poster is placed in the right place, in the right place, with an eye-catching design, it can attract a lot of viewers interested and participate in the event or search for products of the organization or business. Therefore, Poster is often considered by small and medium enterprises as a great brand promotion tool to help reach out to the community effectively.

Not only stopping there, but Posters are also a form of advertising with lower costs than other popular forms of advertising today. It is because of the great benefits that Poster. is used very commonly in many different areas of life.

3. What types of Posters are appearing the most on the market today?

 Educational posters

In the education industry, what can be understood as a Poster? This type of Poster can be used in universities or academic settings to highlight research work. These types of posters are often used to promote a talk or as an accompaniment to a speech or publication. Furthermore, you can use the wanted poster maker – StoryboardThat to create book summaries, and movie posters, or analyze topics and events.

Also, using a wanted poster maker – StoryboardThat makes it easy to enjoy offline fun. It helps promote higher-level thinking by encouraging students to synthesize information and think critically about what they have read.

 Advertising poster

Posters have given us some of the most memorable pop culture images of the 20th century. Coca-Cola, Camel, Barnum, and Bailey have all made turn-of-the-century posters that have stood the test of time in popular culture. Many of their posters were distributed in newspapers, magazines and even just hung in cities.

These types of marketing posters are stylistically different from the posters we see today, but the common theme in promotional posters is that someone is trying to sell you an experience. Companies have been able to create strong enough images that will stay in customers’ minds for many years, and this is the most used type of Poster today, as many businesses use it as a means of advertising.

Movie Posters

This is also a very popular form of a campaign poster, when every month, there are many movies released, and we can see these Posters being used as an effective communication channel. Movie posters appeared probably a long time ago in the 17th and 18th centuries when this was like the “Trailer” of today, it was not until the end of the 20th century that it was developed and “Fancy” as it is today. This seems to be an extremely useful communication tool to get in the mind of the customer.

Travel posters

These are posters that advertise or encourage viewers to travel to different destinations. They are commonly used by travel agencies, and some of the most famous travel posters include the American WPA poster that dates back to the 1930s.

Political posters

What are posters? It can be said that political posters can motivate people to be more interested in politics. Design that conveys the most authentic message and connects with the audience will make an impact. Graphic design in rallies must ignite passion, conviction, and instant strength.

The most famous political posters in history are related to war. During World War I, we saw posters like Lord Kitchener and Uncle Sam used to improve recruitment. Their power is often underestimated.

Event poster

You may have seen these types of posters in city promotional events such as concerts, fairs, or events. Any type of public event or gathering is often promoted with event posters and some events have been known more for their posters than the event itself.

4. What is an effective communication poster?

To evaluate whether a poster has effective communication or not, you first need to understand what the concept of a poster is, and then let’s refer to the following key elements of an effective and successful poster. :

  • An effective poster is one that always gets the attention of the viewer.
  • Posters are always attractive and attract viewers to read all the information above.
  • The information and content on the Poster are simple and coherent, viewers just need to look at it to understand the content conveyed.
  • The content in the Poster convinces viewers to learn specifically, .to buy products, or to be willing to participate in events, .messages on the Poster.

To be able to do the above, the poster must be designed to convey information and tell the user the story most understandably and logically.


Finding out what the poster is is not difficult, but it is not easy to create a beautiful poster that leaves an impression on customers. Therefore, it can be said that the above-mentioned things are useful knowledge that can hopefully help you in creating a complete product that complements your studies.

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