What is the Best Moissanite?

You probably have heard about the fire and brilliance of moissanite. There is a lot of fascination in how the gem compares with diamond as well. Top jewelry dealers like MoissaniteCo.com have stocked all kinds of moissanite jewelry and the experience has been great for jewelry lovers so far. To get the best experience, it would help to learn more about this precious stone. So, what is the best moissanite? Read on to find out! 

The center stone for your engagement ring is very critical to the design and value of your piece. While there are many options to pick out there, moissanite’s fire and brilliance are irresistible. For that reason, it is a perfect choice for your jewelry piece especially if you are looking for quality at an affordable price. 

History of Moissanite

Henri Moissan, a French scientist founded moissanite in 1893 from a meteorite. This was the first naturally occurring moissanite to be found. Subsequent studies confirmed that moissanite was not of pure carbon composition as earlier thought. Instead, they discovered it was silicon carbide. For that reason, moissanite is established as a unique gem on its own. Therefore, it is not a diamond.   

To this date, it is hard to find naturally occurring moissanite. However, lab-grown solutions have ensured sustainability and supply in the market. Most importantly, this is an ethically sourced gem and therefore, it is a great choice for your jewelry. Due to its dazzling qualities, moissanite is today a top diamond alternative available at a pocket-friendly cost. 

Everything about the Best Moissanite 

To get the best moissanite, it is important to learn about the properties that make it unique. Here are top qualities to help you notice good quality moissanite: 

  • Fire and Brilliance

One distinguishing feature of moissanite from other types of gemstones is its sparkle. The best moissanite comes with superior brilliance and great fire. This gem has a higher refractive index than that of a diamond and hence shines better. 

  • Strength and Hardness

Good moissanite stones have a hardness quality close to that of a diamond. On the Mohs scale of hardness, moissanite scores 9.25. This value is close to that of a diamond. Therefore, the best moissanite has almost the same strength and hardness as a diamond. For that reason, moissanite is resistant to scratching and is incredibly durable. 

  • Clarity and Color 

Properly manufactured moissanite is free from inclusions and blemishes. Therefore, it is very clear, without any flaws. Any moissanite gem with feathery-like features in it is considered of low quality. The best is free of such! 

On the other hand, moissanite comes in different colors. However, the quality of each is different. Lab-grown moissanite has high clarity, fire and brilliance. The only notable difference is in their color shades. Based on the GIA scale of color, forever one moissanite is graded D-E-F. This gem is colorless and the best moissanite you will find on the market.  

Other shades of moissanite are forever brilliant options, which are almost colorless with a grade of G-H-I. Lastly, there is the forever-classic type, which is yellowish-green and ranks J-K. Therefore, the best moissanite is in the D-E-F color category

  • Moissanite Cut 

The quality of moissanite is also determined by the cut. Therefore, to get the best moissanite, you should know the best cut as well. The cut determines its sparkle and style as well. Typical examples include cushion cuts, round cuts, princess cuts, emerald cuts and oval cuts. 

Different cuts of moissanite will display different brilliance and have a different appeal as well. However, the round cut is the most appealing and best choice to pick for a beautiful gem. You can also put in a bit of style to enhance the look of your moissanite gem. 

If you are looking for high-quality and affordable diamond-like stones, moissanite is your top choice. However, you must make sure that it meets the best qualities for a great gemstone experience. Most importantly, you must ensure they have that it has the right hardness, fire and brilliance. In addition, you must also make sure that it is clear of any inclusions and colorless. Generally, the best moissanite has almost similar properties to that of a diamond. 

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